Where is OLG Play Stage located?

Ontario Place Lot 2, to the east of Budweiser Stage and south of Hotel X.

Do I need to wear a mask?

Face coverings are not required to be worn while inside your vehicle. Face coverings are mandatory when outside your car and when visiting restrooms and concession stands on site.

How do I find my spot?

You will purchase a ticket for either VIP, Lot A, Lot B, or Lot C. Parking is general admission within each of these sections.

Will my car be searched upon entry?

For the safety and security of our fans, artists and guests, all vehicles are subject to search upon entry to the OLG Play Stage.

Can my car be running during the event?

We encourage all guests to turn their cars off during the event, however, understand that temperatures may prevent you from being able to keep it off for the entire event.

Are there bathroom facilities on the premises?

Each parking lot will have their own designated restroom facilities.

Will there be food and beverages available for sale?


Option 1: Pre-Purchase a package with your ticket on www.TicketMaster.ca and pick up at your assigned gate upon entry

Option 2: Purchase the following on-site: family-sized pizza,foot long hot dogs, stadium nachos, popcorn in a collectors bucket, chocolate,candy, ice cream, soft drinks. Please remain in your car and flag down the cart/server for car-side purchase.  
*Menu items subject to change without notice.

How many people are allowed per car?

Maximum number of individuals in a vehicle is 6 and each person must have a seat belt.

Will there be special parking for oversized SUV and large trucks?

If arriving in a raised vehicle that could block the view of those behind, you will be directed to an over sized vehicle section in the south end of the venue space permitting. Once this area is full, you will be directed to the back of the venue, regardless of the section you have purchased.

Are there regulations around size of vehicle?

No limos or other vehicles that cannot fit in a standard parking space. We reserve the right to deny entry if vehicle is deemed too large.

How many cars per viewing space?

Each car must park in a single standard parking space.

When do I need to arrive?

Gate times will vary per event. Please check the events page to confirm gates for your event. Gates close 30 minutes after event start time. 

How long is the event?

Gate times will vary per event. Please check the events page to confirm gates for your event.

Will temperatures be checked on arrival?

No. Each guest will be asked a set of Covid screening questions at security check in.

Am I allowed to stand outside of my car?

No. You must remain inside your vehicle except for restroom and emergency purposes.

Am I allowed to visit other parking spaces?

No. You must remain inside your vehicle except for restroom and emergency purposes.

Will merch be available for sale?

Special jersey offers will be available with ticket purchase online. There will be limited merchandise available for sale on site.

Can I reserve a spot next to friends?

No. If you wish to park near a friend, you must arrange to arrive on site at the same time. All tickets are General Admission within each section.

How do I enter the site?

All cars must enter the venue through the Lakeshore Blvd. West and Remembrance Drive entrance.

How do I leave my spot?

You must wait until the end of the show to depart your spot. Cars will depart one section at a time as directed by on site staff.

How do I purchase a ticket?

Tickets are available online only through Ticketmaster. All tickets must be purchased prior to event.

How much are tickets?

All sporting events are $25 per car + $2 Ticketmaster fee. All proceeds from the $25 ticket will support MLSE Foundation and help bring sport programs back to communities in an accessible, safe, and fun way.

Are children allowed?

Yes. Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

What if my car battery dies during the event?

There will be car boosters available on site. You will need to notify a parking attendant in your section should you need to use one.

How will I hear the game or concert inside my car?

You will be notified of the FM frequency upon arrival at the event.

Are staff screened prior to their shifts?

All staff will go through a Covid screening process prior to each of their shifts.